Smart Secure Surveillance

IoTrace helps you make sense of your data with our IoTrace devices and dashboard that provides secure intelligence through operations and warehouse management.

Secure Your Supply Chain

Whether you are tracking cosmetics, medication, electronics or other high dollar items; IoTrace uses smart tracking to ensure your package does not incur damage. With IoTrace you will no longer have to worry about whether your package will arrive in perfect condition. Now you will have a cloud based solution that provides a level of transparency and visibility that has never existed before. This revolutionary technology gives you the power to make informed decisions about your valuables during transit. 

Internet of Things Cloud Based Logistics Technology

Blockchain Technology100%
Logistics Security100%
Smart Tracking100%

IoTrace utilizes cutting-edge, smart technology to bring you a new level of smart surveillance right to the palm of your hand. It provides both sending and receiving parties the ability to get real-time data into the location, positioning, temperature and other key insights of shipped valuables.

Smarter Supply Chain, Intelligent Warehouse

Shipping Management

Exceed your customers expectations by utilizing IoTrace’s Smart, Scalable & Secure end-to-end solution that monitors freight every step of the way. By utilizing IoTrace’s smart tracker you will be able to assess damage to shipments prior to delivery to your customer. Monitor temperature, location, damage and loss in real-time; helping you to mitigate risks of costly shipment errors. Protect your customers and your company reputation by ensuring the quality of goods before they reach their destination.

Warehouse Management

The rapid speed of commerce leaves minimal room for error when shipping and distributing goods and materials. In order to continually add value and ensure happy customers, logistics companies must leverage secure intelligence to monitor and maintain their warehouse. By using IoTrace’s technology, logistics companies can make sense of their data, by being the know in real-time of inventory count, temperature, and any mishandling. Our automation software, IoTrace device and dashboard bring efficiency and visibility like never before.

Meet our CEO

Robert Steward

Chief Executive Officer