Real-Time Visibility

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Increase supply chain visibility with IoTrace, the smart device

and platform that provides real-time visibility to your valued

assets at the warehouse and during transport. 





About Us

Visibility & Transparency

Improve the tracking of pallets and packages during transport or at rest in a warehouse. Intel’s freight management solutions enable cost-effective monitoring of shipments, providing feedback when their location or condition changes unexpectedly. These industrial solutions unlock operational efficiency while delivering actionable real-time insights.

Real Time Analytics

Avoid costly claims and mitigate future damage by using our smart surveillance logistics technology to gain a better insight into the conditions that cause damage. Manage the tracking of pallets and packages more efficiently with greater visibility with IoTrace. Our cost-effective monitoring device and dashboard allow you to gain in-depth data about the location and any condition changes of shipments.

Quality Control

Inventory distribution and management play a critical role in the supply chain. Enhance your end-to-end operations with IoTrace’s warehouse management platform. With IoTrace, you will gain enhanced visibility to goods while in the warehouse, allowing you to make more informed decisions before shipment. Our technology helps you increase your customer experience by ensuring greater quality control.

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Helping Increase Productivity & Performance

Cost Effective & Complete

Multi-function smart sensor tags that allow you to cut costs

Real Time Intelligence

Live monitoring allows you to quickly take action based on the status of your goods

Shipment Analytics

Gain greater value and visibility with freight reports

Easy to Use

Modifiable to integrate with your existing internal systems

Why Us?

Cloud based Logistics technology

Improve your margins by using IoTrace’s logistics device and platform that allow you to reduce cost and increase efficiency. Our proprietary technology helps automate shipment tracking and visibility (ex: location, temperature, damage, mishandling and loss) of goods as they journey through the supply chain to their final destination.

  • Enhance Inventory Security
  • Reduce Inventory Carrying Costs
  • Increase Operational Efficiencies
  • Monitor Location, Mishandling, Temperature & Loss
  • Secure Dashboard Providing In-depth Data & Analytics

Smarter Solutions

Data is being generated and collected everyday by collected devices worldwide. Making sense of this critical data can transform the supply chain like never before; helping to make more informed decisions, increasing efficiency and creating better customer-focused solutions. At IoTrace we provide the visibility and transparency you need to ensure high performance across your business. Whether shipping or receiving, we help you see the status of your valuables before, during and after transport allowing you to to ensure your delivery meets your customers expectations.